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Most homeowners find it challenging to do regular cleaning and maintenance of their backyard swimming pool. They not only lack time to do the task, but also the proper knowledge on pool maintenance. Are facing such a situation? If you are, then you consider using pool services. You will need to hire a reliable pool service company that suits your needs. A good pool service will both free up your weekends and save you maintenance costs in the long run. However, choosing the reliable pool service may be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. Here is what you need to know when choosing pool services swimming for your pool.

Do they have a license?

Avoid any pool service that lacks a business license. You should verify the license’s validity to ascertain the legality of the company. Confirm from state contractor’s license board in case the pool service has the contractor’s license number. If the company has a license, it will be an implication that it is truly professional.

Are they insured?

The pool service you hire should have a liability insurance. Although pool maintenance and cleaning may not seem risky, there could be a small mistake that could cause serious losses. When any damage arises in the process of pool maintenance and cleaning, the liability insurance will help cover for the loss. Therefore, the pool service must have liability insurance and you need to ascertain that the coverage is current.

Customer service

You shouldn’t expect services that are better than those you received on your first meeting. A good service company has to be committed to meet the customer needs as the first priority. The company you want to hire should be reachable when needed and respond to your questions. If they don’t pay attention to your concerns, you’ll have to avoid them.

How often do they service a pool?

The pool service should be clear on how often they do pool service. Do they provide a complete service? Do they use their own tools and equipment to do provide their service? To avoid conflicts, you should know what services you’ll be paying for. This will prevent charge increments for services you didn’t agree on.


You should not go for the low bid pool services since you may suffer in the long run. You can compare the prices of four to five swimming pool services and come up with the average rate. This will help you avoid being overcharged or hiring a cheap pool service that may cost you more in the long run.